Monday, 5 August 2013

Triple feature part III: Sakurajima (and some changes of plan...)

So turns out I was waaaay to busy to publish the last part of my triple feature before leaving for Japan. Also turns out the travel plan had to be changed a little bit (of course...). Instead of climbing Fuji, which probably would have been quite a rushed trip on a rainy day, I decided to go south to visit the beautiful island of Yakushima. More details on my non-volcano blog :)
But now the important thing: Sakurajima! This volcano gets an award for making the most volcanologists happy in 2013. Sitting on an island within Aira caldera in the South of Kyushu, Sakurajima erupts several times per year, and has been doing so since 1955! The perfect venue for the IAVCEI 2013 conference. Over 1,000 volcanologists gathered in the city of Kagoshima, roughly 4 km across the bay from the volcano. Whereas in June the volcano was sitting there rather quietly, she put on quite the show with sometimes multiple eruptions per day in July for the conference. I'm gonna let the pictures speak for themselves! Enjoy :)

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